FO 300: The Technician’s Course

FO 300:  The “Technician’s Course

The “Technician’s” course begins with an introduction to the history and development of fiber optics and the theory of transmission.  Terminology, codes, standards and applications are covered in this intense 3 day class.  Particular attention is focused on designing and installing fiber optic networks.  Students learn how to calculate link loss, budges and how to test their installed networks.  The extensive hands-on portion of this course teaches individuals how to connectorize fiber strands, fusion splicing and how to use interferometers along with OTDR’s.  Additional subjects covered are installation issues and troubleshooting which  are covered in detail.

Upon completion of this class each student will receive a Certificate of Completion from Integrated Training Center.

Students will also have the option to take the FOA, Fiber Optics Association, Certified Fiber Optics Technician exam.  The CFOT certification places your name in the national database of registered Certified Fiber Optics Technicians.