Bob Kinney

Bob Kinney, RCDD, OSP Specialist, CFTH Professional,  JE-98

Bob Kinney founded Integrated Technologies Corporation in April, 1987.  Initially, Bob started out as an Journeyman Electrician in 1983 and then attained his Electrical Contractor’s license in 1986.  Within the first year of operating as an electrical contractor, Bob read an article about a new data/telecommunications industry that was developing a niche for commercial applications here in the United States, and it was called fiber optics.  With an Electrical Engineering background, Bob understood the future impact of fiber optics in the data/telecommunications world.  He found this new technology exciting and knew this was the direction he wanted ITC to go.

In 1988, Bob received his first formal training as a fiber optics technician at Siecor (Corning Cable Systems) in North Carolina.  From that point on, Bob focused on the telecommunications and data communications world as the technology for ITC to master.  By 1998, Bob and ITC were established as the premiere fiber optics contractor in New Mexico.

From the beginning, Bob saw the need for the continued and specialized training when new advances in fiber optics and data cabling were introduced.  To ensure that ITC always stayed ahead of the curve, Bob placed continuing education as the priority for all ITC employees.  Because of this foresight, it was a natural process to include a training center when it was time to build the new office of Integrated Technologies Corporation.

In October of 2000, Integrated Technologies Corporation and Integrated Training Center were completed and Integrated Training Center quickly established itself as the only certified BICSI training center in New Mexico.  Already a Certified BICSI Technician, Bob became an RCDD, then a certified BICSI instructor.  He then created a Fiber Optic Association, (FOA) endorsed fiber optics training program for Integrated Training CenterIntegrated Training Center would not be a forerunner in the data cabling, fiber optics, telecommunications, low voltage training industry, without Bob’s drive and passion for this technology.


Integrated Technologies Corporation, President/CEO  –  1987 – 2002
Integrated Technologies Corporation, Vice President  –  2002 – present
Co-Founder of ITC, Integrated Technologies Corporation, 1987.
Co-Founder or ITC, Integrated Training Center, 2000.
Assisted in the establishment of the only Certified BICSI Center in New Mexico.
Assisted in the establishment of the only Fiber Optics Training Center in New Mexico.
Charter Member of the Fiber Optics Association.
Member of Northern New Mexico Independent Electrical Contractors (NNMIEC) since 1999.
Founding Committee Member of the approved State of New Mexico, Northern New Mexico Independent Electrical Contractors (NNMIEC) Low Voltage Apprenticeship Program.
Certified BICSI Instructor
Certified BICSI Technician
Certified BICSI RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Designer)
Certified BICSI OSP Specialist
Master Fiber Optic Technician
Certified AFOT (Advanced Fiber Optic Technician)
Certified FOA Master Fiber Optics Instructor
Certified Fiber to The Home Professional

Twenty four years of experience as a:
· Electrical Contractor,
· Telecommunications Contractor,
· Fiber Optics Design and Installation Contractor

Technical and Non-Technical Expertise includes but is not limited to:
· Expert in all phases of fiber optics projects, including design, specifications, installation, terminations, testing, and documentation.
· Fiber Optics instruction, design, and installation.
· Electrical instruction, design, and installation.
· Low Voltage instruction, design, and installation.


Belden IBDN-303
BICSI ITS Cabling Certified Trainer
BICSI ITS Technician
BICSI OPS200 CO-OSP Design Specialty Review
BICSI OSP Outside Plant Specialist
BICSI Residential Cabling Infrastructure
BICSI Telecommunications Distribution Systems Review
BICSI Train the Trainer
BICSI WD-110 Designing Wireless Systems
CFTH Certified Fiber to The Home Professional
CSC Enhanced Connectivity Solutions
CSC IP Video Training
Electronics Technicians Association Certified Examiner Mar 2010
Electronics Technicians Association Member Mar 2010
Emtelle FibreFlow Design & Engineering
Emtelle FibreFlow Installation Course
Emtelle FibreFlow Trainer Course
FIBO 250 Interferometer
Master FOA Instructor
Certified AFOT (Advanced Fiber Optic Technician)
FS100 Firestop Technology Workshop
Geophysical Survey Systems Basic GPR Course
Hitachi HIT Cabling Systems
Holocom PDS Product Line
IEC Instructor & VDV Training
JDSU Fiber Inspection and Cleaning
Lucent Multiplexers Applications & Architecture
Lucent Systimax Value Added Reseller
Lucent TR9200
Lucent TR9203 SONET Overview
NCA FO Networks & FDDI Backbones
Nelson Firestop Products
Norland FO Connector Interferometric Inspection & Analysis
PON Design Certification
Siecor ES-09 Splice Training
Siecor ES-10 Equipment Maintenance
State of NM Qualification
Sumitomo Future Flex Air Blown Fiber Systems
Systimax ND3321
Systimax ND3341
Systimax SCS Master Class Giga & Lazr Speed
TrueNet TN02-Installation Training